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"My 6-year-old son wakes up at 6am and…
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"My 6-year-old son wakes up at 6am and does the housework": a mother faces a storm of criticism

January 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you are a child, but not too young, parents always try to create a delicate balance between age-appropriate fun and a sense of responsibility. Of course, it is not right to make our children focus exclusively on doing daily chores around the house.There are some parents, however, who not only want to educate their children to be attentive and orderly, but also want to essentially turn them into small adults. As an example of this, take the TikTok video posted by an Asian mother and which has garnered many views and stirred up a lot of controversy...

The short video, posted on TikTok by user shopping666, is quickly making the rounds on the web and it shows a 6-year-old Asian boy doing housework before going to school in the morning. So far so good, nothing much controversial there - except that the caption for the video reads: "My child is six and gets up at six every morning to cook his own breakfast, do his household chores and then go to school."

And in fact, we can see this diligent little boy jump into action the moment he gets up: he wakes up at 6 in the morning, washes, gets dressed, makes his bed, goes to the kitchen and prepares his own breakfast. After eating, he takes the cups and dishes he used and washes them in the sink, then goes back to his bedroom to change, put on new clothes and iron the rest and then place them neatly in the drawers and cupboards.

Once he has washed himself in the bathroom, he does a load of dirty laundry, vacuums under his bed, and sweeps the living room floor. Then, as he is heading out to school with his backpack, he takes out one or two bags of garbage to throw in the bins. The child may be only six years old, but he behaves like an adult at home with all these responsibilities. And he has to start these duties at 6 am every day and before having to spend the rest of the day at school with his classmates.

We do not know for sure if all the burdens of responsibility laid on this child come from the direction of his mother (most likely), but the fact is that many users who commented on the viral video were not supportive of the mother.


Many users think that it is not right to burden a child of his age with these adult-level responsibilites, and that in life, there should always be a reasonable balance.

What do you think of this overly strict mother? Are you too hard on your children; or have you managed to strike a healthy balance between them having fun and having responsibilites in their young lives?


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