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But why am I so sad at Christmas? According to experts, it is the fault of your subconscious and the way you live the holiday season

The lights flash on and off intermittently, Christmas songs flood the cities and towns with euphoria, the houses are adorned with sparkling colors and decorations. So, just where does this feeling of…

The origin of the Christmas Star is a beautiful story to tell on the most magical night of the year

Every year houses are filled with poinsettias, the beautiful plant with red leaves that is a symbol of the Christmas holiday season and is customarily given as a gift or kept at home during the holidays.…

What would Christmas be without love? Here is one of the nicest Christmas videos ever created!

On the Internet, there is an advertising video clip for Christmas, produced by Erste Bank und Sparkasse, an Austrian banking institution, that has touched the hearts and minds of many viewers! In fact,…

A dream becomes reality --- a new TV channel that transmits only Christmas holiday movies 24 hours a day!

The Christmas atmosphere is something that is unparalleled, cities and streets are pervaded by an almost surreal atmosphere.  The best way to end your evenings during this holiday season is to enjoy…

Whoever decorates their house for Christmas very early is a happy and sociable person --- modern science says so!

At the end of the summer, there are those who rejoice and those who despair! Some wait impatiently for the arrival of the cold weather, sweaters, and Christmas festivities, while there are others who…

They attempt to create a Christmas photo shoot with their dog but its expression says it all ...

A Husky dog named Anuko has become popular on Instagram for a very specific reason. In fact, those who follow Anuko know that he is sweet and playful, but what makes him unique is that Anuko never shows…

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