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Fairytale Christmas trees: 20 ideas, each more beautiful than the next, for decorating with taste and imagination

Christmas has taken on many meanings in the modern era and each of us now experiences it in a different way. We agree, however, in saying that all over the world there are many families who share the…

A study suggests that decorating your home early for Christmas makes people happier

Merry Christmas ... in advance! Even if there are still months before the most magical holiday of the year arrives, in the meantime while your children are dreaming about the gifts under the tree, you…

5 simple tips to keep your lovely poinsettia plant alive even after the holidays

Every year, a large part of the Christmas holiday season atmosphere is transmitted by the various decorations and lights that are usually placed inside and outside the home. Tradition has it that there…

A man accidentally bought an inflatable Santa Claus as tall as his house

Online purchases are now within everyone's reach and are often preferred to brick-and-mortar purchases, for obvious convenience. One of the disadvantages of shopping on e-commerce platforms is the fact…

His daughter is a flight attendant so he buys airline tickets for all her flights so as not to leave her alone on Christmas Day

Christmas is for everyone a day of celebration and often a holiday vacation. Let's not forget, however, those who do not stop working even on this day. We know well that despite the fact that most people…

Students surprise their teacher who is ill by organizing a Christmas choir in her garden

Do you know those Christmas films in which groups of children gather to sing Christmas carols outside in front of houses? We usually do not see these scenes in reality, right? Well, in Vancouver, it actually…

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