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A young man finally finds his homeless father on Christmas Day: he hadn't seen him for more than 10 years

Nowadays, there are many children and young people who witness the end of their parents' marriage. The resulting consequences for a teenager are not trivial: growing up without a father or mother figure…

4-year-old boy is the only one in the class without a Christmas present: punished by the teachers for being "too restless"

"Santa Claus did not come for him" - this was the comment of one of the teachers who, deliberately, didn't deliver a Christmas present to a 4-year-old boy before the holidays. The little boy's mother…

They accidentally receive over 400 letters addressed to Santa Claus: they read them and answer them all

Santa Claus really exists, and he's not exactly the man with the white beard and red suit we've all come to know. No, because apparently, Santa Claus has split in two, and has the name and features of…

15 Christmas gifts which were remembered for their healthy dose of humor and creativity

With the arrival of Christmas it's time for gifts under the tree; whether they are thoughts in the form of a parcel complete with colored paper and a bow or a simple wish for happy holidays, the end of…

17 original and creative snowmen who brought a touch of magic to their neighborhoods

When winter arrives, the coldest season of the year, one of the greatest joys is enjoying the spectacle of ice and copious amounts of snow; although it can create some problems in getting around, snow…

17 strange family photos from past Christmases that we wish we hadn't seen

When it comes to Christmas holidays there are recurring images that immediately come to mind: we are not just talking about magical Christmas trees decorated and lit up as if we were living in a fairy…

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