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Mother decides not to buy new gifts for Christmas but rather wraps up old toys for her children

Christmas is one of the most wonderful holidays of the year - its atmosphere is truly magical, both for adults and children. This winter holiday has been celebrated for centuries on December 25th and…

Struggling school janitor receives huge cash gift and a new car from a "Secret Santa"

Who has never been in a desperate situation and longed for a miraculous way out? Whether the intervention is of divine origin or not, it does not matter when you find yourself facing difficult situations brought…

Bank mistakenly deposits Euro 155 million ($175 million) into the accounts of 75,000 clients on Christmas day

Banks are unlikely to just give out money to their clients for no reason and it is also highly unlikely that you wake up on Christmas morning to discover that you have inherited a large sum of money…

25-year-old son finally receives the toys he had always wanted but which his mother could never afford

It is never too late to make one's dreams come true, even if these may be trivial or childlike ones. For example, have you ever wanted a specific toy or a particular item so much so that it burns within…

Girlfriend told off for eating too much at Christmas dinner: "You're a glutton, and you embarrass me"

When the Christmas holidays arrive, we know that we will have to prepare ourselves for huge food binges; between dinners, lunches, parties, aperitifs with friends and relatives, it is normal to put on…

Mother takes down Christmas tree on the evening of 25th December: for many, this was far too soon

When the Christmas atmosphere descends upon us, no one can escape it. In fact, there are those who can't wait to decorate their homes with lights, Christmas decorations, the traditional, conifer, evergreen…

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