Mother returns her daughter's Christmas…
Mother is proud of her tin-roof house: Santa brings boy coal as his Christmas gift, but he's happy anyway:

Mother returns her daughter's Christmas gifts every year because they are "not expensive enough"

January 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When Christmas arrives, the anticipation of what our friends and relatives will leave us under the Christmas tree also grows: will it be a surprising gift or a bitter disappointment? It doesn't really matter, because in the end, every gift you give to  someone is usually always welcomed, no matter what it is. This is something Tijana Daly, an American girl, explained in a two-minute video she uploaded to her TikTok profile. She explained to her followers why she believes her mother is someone who has managed to create a "toxic" relationship with her, and especially around Christmas time...

In her two-minute long video on TikTok, Tijana Daly told of how many times her mother has "refused" or "returned to sender" the gifts Tljana has given her for Christmas. And Tljana, who works as a personal trainer, explains that her mother does this because she is very spoiled, has delusions of grandeur and tries to live in the lap of luxury every day, regardless of what it costs financially. As Tljana explained several times during her venting on TikTok, she doesn't earn a lot monthly and can't afford to give expensive gifts when Christmas comes. Tljana listed all the Christmas gifts she had given to her mother but which her mother had promptly returned or politely "refused".

In the two-minute video, Tijana sardonically listed some of the past Christmas gifts she had given her mother but which didn't "cut the mustard" - probably because they didn't live up to her mother's standards of what quality really is. In the past, Tljana had gifted her mother: ice skates - but these had not been appreciated; a set of body creams -  that was left unopened for about two weeks under the Christmas tree; then a purse - but it was apparently too big; and finally, a gift card that could be spent at a mall.

None of these gifts were appreciated by Tljana's mother. The last example Tljana gave was of an experiencial gift. Tijana had decided to try something different and gave her parents a trip to Niagara Falls. But in the end, it was Tljana that wound up going on the trip with her husband.


In short, it seems that none of the Christmas gifts Tljana has given her mother have been appreciated. Fortunately, the girl is not taking her mother's sleights too seriously or to heart. But unfortunately, there does now seem to be an unhealthy relationship growning between the two of them due to a lack of trust and her mother's constant demeaning attitude towards her daughter's acts of generosity and kindness. And even though she cannot afford expensive gifts, Tljana's unrequited and continued efforts show she still cares about her mother.

And what about Tljana's mother? Will she continue to treat her daughter in the same way in their everyday lives? We hope that after Christmas, they can make peace and, above all, work on ironing out any issues their relationship may have...


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