Girlfriend told off for eating too much…
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Girlfriend told off for eating too much at Christmas dinner: "You're a glutton, and you embarrass me"

January 07, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When the Christmas holidays arrive, we know that we will have to prepare ourselves for huge food binges; between dinners, lunches, parties, aperitifs with friends and relatives, it is normal to put on a few extra pounds after spending time with loved ones sitting around a loaded table in the period between Christmas and New Year. Many think that being invited to dinner or lunch means one is obliged to eat everything that has been prepared so as not to offend the host - even if one is not all that hungry. This is an experience a young woman recently had, but which ironically ended up angering her partner....

via: Mirror UK

A young woman posted her story to Reddit, recounting an awkward and embarrassing experience she had had with her partner and his parents when she was invited to her future in-laws' house for Christmas dinner. The woman explained that she had been brought up to believe it was not polite not to eat everything a host offered at an invited meal. She didn't know, however, that her boyfriend would be extremely embarrassed by her eating everything she was offered. According to her partner, the girl had stuffed herself in an indecent, inelegant manner...

Here's what the anonymous woman said on Reddit: "My boyfriend, who I've been with for 7 months, invited me to his family's Christmas dinner. I met his parents very briefly, but it was nothing too formal. Anyway, we got to the food being served, I was pretty hungry and everything looked really great. I made sure I filled my plate (but not too full), ate it all and, to be honest, I was already pretty full after the starters. My boyfriend's mom then asked me if I wanted seconds (there was still a lot of food on the table) and I accepted the offer and put some more pasta salad on my plate. My boyfriend looked at me strangely, but at that moment I didn't think much about it at all.

Then dessert arrives and I chose to eat a slice of cheesecake. After that, we all had coffee sitting around the fire, telling each other funny stories. Everyone seemed to be in a great mood and everything was great! "

But the hammer was about to come down. When the woman arrived back home with her partner, he told her that he had felt extremely embarrassed by her behavior at the table. He said he had never seen her eat so much before, and also said that the boy's own mother had been upset by her behavior at the table: "It's been two days since it happened and neither of them will talk to me (my boyfriend and his mother) until I apologize. I know it's not nice not to apologize, but I honestly don't think I've done anything wrong. But I guess that's why I'm here, posting this story to Reddit. What do you users think? "

How would you answer this woman's Reddit question? Was she right to clean her plate, or should she have left some food on it so as to appear polite and elegant?


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