Covid-positive daughter does not give…
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Covid-positive daughter does not give up having Christmas dinner with her family and eats her meal inside a plastic bubble

January 07, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A very unfortunate situation that united many people at the end of 2021 was testing positive for Covid, just before the season's holidays. In these cases, the best thing to do, once you have been confirmed positive, is to put yourself in isolation at home and try not to infect the other members of your family. This is an arduous, difficult task that becomes even more onerous during the festive season. So think about an American family who wanted their daughter at the Christmas dinner table, even though they knew she was positive for the virus ...

via: Mirror UK

How did the family manage to avoid infecting the other guests, you might ask? Well, in order to have their daughter at the table for Christmas, they made a plastic bubble inside which the girl would sit. This way, she would be able to participate in the family festivities in complete safety, with the bubble ensuring social distancing and allowing the daughter to eat her meal without the use of the protective mask. The idea to use a closed system plastic bubble came from Christa, the sister of the girl who tested positive at Christmas.

In a video that went viral on TikTok, the woman pointed out that her whole family at around Christmas time had tested negative and were all fully vaccinated. Obviously, the comments of the users who saw the video published by Christa were divided: there were those who believed that the idea was a gesture of love on the part of the family for the girl who had tested positive; and then there were those who believed instead that that plastic bubble was not safe at all, as it was not perfectly sealed.

In fact, many users argued that taking this approach put the whole family at serious risk of catching Covid, given the imperfect seal on the plastic bubble. And obviously, we hope this did not happen to the family. Right or wrong, the decision the family made to have their youngest daughter participate in the Christmas dinner despite the contagion risk, has been reported all over the world and has garnered a ton of comments, both for and against.

What do you think of this original and unusual idea? Was it sufficient to avoid contagion and to allow this family to spend a Merry Christmas?


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