Young boy gives up the skateboard he asked Santa for to a child in need -
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Young boy gives up the skateboard he…
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Young boy gives up the skateboard he asked Santa for to a child in need

December 28, 2021 • By Mark Bennett

Christmas is the time of the year when we are all a bit kinder and thoughtful, both adults and children; and it is the latter group that are sometimes capable of acts of kindness so generous and selfless that it amazes even grownups. This is especially surprising to see during the holidays when we would perhaps expect children to demand toys under the tree be all for themselves, instead of sharing them with someone who is less fortunate or in need...

This is the touching story of Hudson Boyer, a child who made his parents, Jason and Sandi Boyer very proud. For Christmas, Hudson decided to give up his long-anticipated gift to a child who had the same wish but who couldn't afford it. And there is a very exciting backstory behind this extraordinary act of kindness.

Jason and Sandi Boyer decided to make this Christmas special by doing something nice to make the holidays better for those who, perhaps for economic reasons or a difficult family situation, could not afford to celebrate the festive season. So the Boyers were "matched" to a family consisting of an elderly woman and a child. The child was raised by his grandparents but unfortunately, the grandfather passed away in 2021 due to cancer and he was now living alone with his grandmother.

This was a very delicate situation, but the Boyers were determined to make this Christmas a memorable one for the unfortunate child. And to do this, Hudson made a gesture of extraordinary kindness and empathy - he gave the skateboard that he had asked for in his letter to Santa to the child, who had also wanted the same present.

Hudson's mother Sandi said: "We explained the conditions the child's family was in to our son and we asked him if he was willing to give him his skateboard. He said yes immediately, which surprised us, because, especially around Christmas you wouldn't expect to hear that from a child."

The skateboard Hudson had so longed for was graciously delivered to the less fortunate child. And to reward their son's extraordinary act of kindness and empathy, Sandi and Jason decided to let him find the same gift under the Christmas tree - and who can say he didn't deserve it?


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