Mother decides not to buy new gifts…
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Mother decides not to buy new gifts for Christmas but rather wraps up old toys for her children

January 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Christmas is one of the most wonderful holidays of the year - its atmosphere is truly magical, both for adults and children. This winter holiday has been celebrated for centuries on December 25th and is characterized not only by religious events, but also by pagan customs that go back a long way in time, such as the exchange of gifts. Over time, this custom has become a symbol of a capitalist and consumerist society, and today Christmas is unfortunately seen by many as a wasteful holiday...

via: The Sun UK

So the question is, how to continue this wonderful tradition without spending too much money and resources by avoiding acquiring apparently useless objects. For example, how to avoid wasting resources buying games and toys that are quickly forgotten and discarded by children after Christmas day? Catherine Lofthouse, a mother of four, explained the tricks she uses to make sure she doesn't spend a dime during the holiday season, but not by giving nobody any gifts. This English mother has studied the psychology of her four children extensively and has realized over the years that on Christmas morning her children concentrated more on unwrapping their gifts. The children were move involved in the expectation and the surprise effect of the unwrapping rather in playing with the toys themselves. Realising this, this mother believed she could wrap up and then re-gift some the old toys  that her four children didn't remember having or hadn't used for a long time. In this manner, she could achieve the same atmosphere of joy and pleasure on the morning of December 25th.

Catherine Lofthouse said: "This way, I can re-gift forgotten toys for Christmas without spending a dime - I just have to buy some new wrapping paper, bows and lots of sparkly ribbons. The fun and pleasure of opening gifts is still guaranteed and the final effect is always the same!"

This super-savings mother tells us she not only wraps old games or toys that they have laying around at home, but also takes things that have been handed down from child to child and perhaps also some items that she finds at flea markets and charity auctions. In short, for her children, gifts are never absent at times of celebration - especially at Christmas - but are provided without ruining the economic status of the home and, above all, being sensitive to safeguarding the planet from unnecessary waste.

"I believe that by doing so we also rediscover the true meaning of Christmas which must be fun for the whole family with simplicity and joy, not a waste of money on things that will not be used later," said Catherine.

Do you agree with this mother and her philosophy regarding the giving of gifts? What do you think?


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