World record holding Maine Coon specimen Omar measures 120 cm -
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World record holding Maine Coon specimen…
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World record holding Maine Coon specimen Omar measures 120 cm

February 25, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When he was adopted and was only a kitten, Omar, a splendid specimen of the Maine Coon cat, was soft, tender and very  sweet and, but owner Stephy Hirst could not have imagined that growing up he would turn into one of the longest cats of his species. And now the Guinness World Record's Organisation has verified Omar's record length measurement; previously, the category record was for another 118 cm long Maine Coon from Wakefield, UK.

via: BBC

Omar is a fantastic specimen of Maine Coon who currently weighs 14 kg, and is very placid in character. According to owner Stephy, Omar loves to wake up very early (at 05.00 in the morning), eat his cat food in the morning, play in the backyard of the house, sleep, and then eat again at dinner time, raw kangaroo meat being his favourite.

When over the years Stephy was noticing Omar's record growth, she not only decided to share the talents and daily life of her enormous cat through an official Instagram page that led him progressively to fame, but she decided to also contact the Guinness World Records association.


The response of the The Guinness assocation took 12 weeks, but the owner certainly did not want her Omar to become a web star, despite then being contacted by TV, radio and local and national programs to tell the story of her record-breaking cat.

He may not be the longest in the world, but according to official measurements of the Guinness World Record, Omar measures 120 cm in length, two cm more than the previous record held by the Maine Coon cat who lived in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The celebrity, however, has not completely scratched Omar's lazy and placid habits ...

The record-breaking cat still likes to wake up very early, eat his tasty raw kangaroo meat, play in the backyard and sleep peacefully embraced in the arms of his mistress ...

Even the stars want their privacy and a peaceful life, don't they Omar?

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