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A young woman rescues and adopts a stray…
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A young woman rescues and adopts a stray kitten and months later she discovers that it was a cougar cub

February 25, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It could certainly happen that a person runs into a poor kitten abandoned in on the streets - and rescuing it would be the first thing to do, without any hesitation!

In fact, Florencia Nobo did not think twice after she caught a glimpse of two stray kittens in difficulty, while she was quietly strolling down the streets of her city, in Argentina.

Together with her little brother, Florencia decided to take those two kittens to a veterinary clinic, to make sure they were not sick. So far, everything seems normal, right?

Well, not exactly, because after a couple of months, one of the kittens had died and the one that had survived had begun to grow all out of proportion and had become a feline that was obviously not a domestic cat!

And this is how Florencia discovered that instead of saving two kittens that day, they actually were ... cougar cubs!

via: RTE
Published by FARA Fundacion Argentina de Rescate Animal on Friday, 15 November 2019

In fact, of those two kittens, one male and one female, unfortunately, one had died. Only the male kitten managed to survive and, thanks to getting the necessary care, it recovered.
A couple of months after rescuing the kittens, Florencia began to notice something strange in the male kitten that had survived—he grew bigger and bigger every day and his appearance did not look much like that of a domestic cat.
Florencia began to have doubts, so she took her pet back to the veterinary clinic, where they told her that, in fact, it was not a cat!
The veterinarians at FARA (Fundaciòn Argentina de Rescate Animal) confirmed that the kitten rescued months earlier was, in reality, a cougar cub.
After receiving this information, Florencia realized that her pet was a wild animal and she immediately called a local wild animal reserve in Yerba Buena.
image: Flor Nobo
A story that sounds incredible!
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