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"I made dinner for my in-laws, but they…
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"I made dinner for my in-laws, but they thought it was inappropriate and they were offended"

May 21, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

After 9 months of pregnancy and just starting out with a baby, what is a mother's most fervent wish? Maybe to be peaceful and rest as much as possible - certainly not wishing to have people for dinner who suddenly swoop into the house and without even any advanced warning, don't you think? If you think it is not possible for something like this to happen, sadly, you are wrong.

In the story we will tell you about here, a woman had a bitter argument with her in-laws and her husband precisely because of an unexpected home visit. Read on to see how this story unfolded:

via: Reddit

In a post made public on Reddit, the subject of this story tells of having a dinner with her in-laws that went very badly.
In her post, she wrote: "My husband and I had our first baby 4 weeks ago. The baby is fine, but I am exhausted. I can't fix my hair, I can barely take a shower and I haven't slept well for a long time now. Throughout all of this, my husband's family insisted on getting to know the baby and it was understandable -  I was just waiting for the best time to invite them to our home." But apparently did not have the opportunity to do this because one day, and quite suddenly, her husband's family unexpectedly turned up at her home.
Her in-laws had been invited home by her son, and without the new mother knowing about his invitation. Despite this, and the embarrassment of them seeing the chaos in the apartment, she had them sit down and they chatted about things, even while she was feeding her little one. Then it was time for dinner, and something unexpected and unpleasant happened.

The new mother wrote in her post: "I asked my husband to order dinner from some take-out place and have it delivered to the home, but he categorically refused. He told me that that would be very rude and that I should take care of preparing dinner. Well, I did, but in pleasing him, I also tried to please myself by simplifying things. So I made a very simple pasta and served it up quickly. To say that my in-laws were shocked, would be to greatly understate the reaction they had to the dish I had served them".

When the woman asked if there were any problems with the food, the argument started. Her in-laws - and her husband too - thought it inappropriate and offensive that she had limited herself to preparing a plate of simple, "bland" pasta.

"They told me to apologize, but I had no intention of doing so, as I hadn't done anything wrong," writes the woman. She continued: "My husband lashed out at me telling me that we had prevented his parents from seeing our son for about a month and, when they had finally had the opportunity to do so, I had treated them very badly by preparing a megre dinner. Even my mother-in-law, before getting up from the table and leaving indignantly with her husband, told me that I had no idea of how to be a good host ".


After a few more minutes of arguing and after pointing out to her husband that she was too tired to think about preparing a spectacular dinner, the woman took refuge in her room with her son. Her husband, meanwhile, who had become increasingly angry with her, spent an hour on the phone with his parents and, in the days that followed, refused to eat what his wife cooked.

This was a sad situation that put extra strain on the tired, new mother who certainly did not this in her life. What she really needed was understanding and solid help - which, apparently, nobody was prepared to give her.

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