They visit an abandoned water park and meet 2 strays who lead them to their friend in need -
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They visit an abandoned water park and…
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They visit an abandoned water park and meet 2 strays who lead them to their friend in need

November 18, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Two young boys went to visit an old abandoned water park in San Diego, California, equipped with a camera and that desire for adventure that in this modern age is harde and harder to satisfy. The two 21-year-olds, Trevor Costelloe and his friend Dave, didn't know that they would not only film several minutes of footage for their vlog that day, but they would also save a life. During their excursion, Trevor and Dave were always very careful, especially when they encountered two large stray dogs. Initially the two animals seemed wary, but it almost seemed as if they wanted to draw the attention of the two boys to something very important, a hypothesis which turned out to be absolutely true.

Initially, the two young men spotted a large white dog, similar to a wolf, from afar, looking at them warily. After a while, a pit bull appeared, equally wary of the boys. With great caution, the young people approached the two strays, who showed no sign of aggression, on the contrary - they seemed to be wagging their tails happily. In reality, they were both trying to tell Trevor and Dave about a very important problem: a "friend" of theirs was in trouble.

The two dogs began to run in a particular direction and the two boys wanted to follow them to understand what was going on. Once they arrived at their destination, still inside the old water park, everything was clear: another stray dog was in danger of drowning in an old disused swimming pool in the water park. Trevor and Dave didn't think twice about getting the dog out of trouble. How long had that poor animal been struggling in the water? It's impossible to say, but Trevor noticed that it was losing all its strength in trying to get out of the water.


Once rescued, the dog happily met up with his two friends and ran away with them. The pit bull stayed with the boys for a while, sitting for a few minutes, almost as if he was thanking them for saving his friend. In any case, Trevor and Dave's presence that day was very fortunate: if they hadn't gone to the old water park to film that day, they couldn't have saved that dog's life.

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