An uncaring bride doesn't want her autistic nephew to dress up as Spider-Man at her wedding -
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An uncaring bride doesn't want her autistic…
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An uncaring bride doesn't want her autistic nephew to dress up as Spider-Man at her wedding

December 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes the stress of preparing for a wedding makes people particularly demanding; everything must be perfect on that important day, so perfect that no mistakes, unconventional or questionable choices are allowed. For example, a bride, the protagonist of this bizarre story, told her sister that if her autistic son (the nephew, therefore) insisted on wearing a Spider-Man costume, he would not be able to attend the ceremony.


The bride told Reddit that she had agreed with her sister that her 7-year-old son Josh would be the one to bring the wedding rings to the newlyweds on the altar during the religious ceremony. Everything seemed perfect, until the bride's nephew, who is autistic, decided to wear a Spider-Man costume every day and never wanted to take it off. He would come to the wedding dressed like that, or he wouldn't come at all.

The bride obviously went on a rampage. Josh didn't want to take off that costume, which he had been wearing for seven days now, and would not be parted from it. So, the sister called the bride to tell her that Josh would most likely come to the wedding dressed as Spider-Man.

image: Pxfuel

The bride said: "I don't care if he wears it at the reception, but I don't want Spider-Man to walk down the aisle at my wedding and be in all my photos. I told my sister that if she can't get him dressed in something at least semi-formal, she can make arrangements to have a babysitter during the ceremony."

The bride concluded her post by adding that so far her boyfriend supports her in this thing, but now she is torn as her sister and brother-in-law threaten not to show up at all, throwing her into utter despair. And which side would you take in this matter? Do you support the argument of the bride or her sister, who now threatens not to show up at the wedding without her little Spider-Man?


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