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21 times when customer expectations…
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21 times when customer expectations have been miserably betrayed by reality

November 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

How many times have you wanted to buy some product online and been disappointed with it upon arrival, after a long wait? If you are new to online shopping or if you don't follow simple basic rules, you could end up buying the wrong product on the wrong site. In short, disappointment could be around the corner! Disappointment that can also arise from simple daily purchases, perhaps at the supermarket: you might be deceived by the perfect and retouched image of a food product and when you go to open it, already with your mouth watering and looking forward to the taste, you find yourself bitterly disappointed by reality. Look at these images to understand how our expectations can differ wildly from reality:

1. "A friend of mine ordered himself a fantastic costume for Halloween ... this is what he got: I can't stop laughing!"

2. When you buy a top you thought would flatter your figure, but in reality it only fits the cat!


3. When you decide to make Christmas cupcakes ...

4. Here is the sad reality, after you wait 6 months for the arrival of the "beautiful cutting board" you saw online

5. Here's what happens when you buy a $100 wedding dress on Wish!


6. He had bought a filled panettone expecting to find a delicious soft jam filling, and instead ...

7. "I bought a small inflatable pool for my family ... but it can barely fit one of my children!"


8. When you go get your nails done by your cousin, who's "good at it" instead of going to a professional ...

9. "What my friend ordered online for $175 ... and what she actually got!"

image: Reddit /Sv182

10. "I knew I shouldn't have trusted buying on Wish ... but I still can't believe this is the wool blanket they sent me!"

11. Well it is a hot-dog costume ... even if there are some "small" differences from the original photo...

12.Even some sellers on Amazon Marketplace can't be trusted!

13. These shoes...I have no words!

image: Reddit

14. "A friend of mine ordered this panda pillow for his daughter..."

15. Unfortunately it's not quite like the one in the picture ...

image: Reddit

16. "My wife was a bit tipsy when she decided to order this wool cactus directly from an Instagram ad ... what she got after 2 months was a few strands of wool, no instructions, nothing else"

17. An extra-large pool for dogs ... really?!

image: Reddit / leftcrow

18. It's not that it's bad ... it's just different!

19. She just wanted to buy some cute pajamas and instead ...

20. Well, we can't say that she didn't receive her "black mask" ...

21. Mmh, there is something not right ...

image: theknot.com
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