Influencer shows her "real" self with photos taken seconds apart

Mark Bennett

June 11, 2022

Influencer shows her

An influencer showed fans her "true" physique in some comparison photographs, taken within seconds of each other. Bree Lenehan, known for her health and lifestyle content, posted pictures of herself on her Instagram page in order to share with her followers.

The beautiful influencer shared two shots for comparison, placed side by side, and while wearing the same clothes. In the first photo, she is seen posing for the photographer, while in the second, she is clearly more relaxed.

via DailyStar


In the post, Bree writes: "What do sunsets, butterflies, storms, smiles, flowers, diamonds, the ocean, rainbows and the smell of rain all have in common? Not much - they are all quite different, but there is BEAUTY in all of these things.” Bree posted this message on her official Instagram account. "Just because you like one, doesn't mean you can't like the other. And it's the same for each of us. Despite what we've been led to believe, there isn't just one type of beauty."

In her posts, the young woman proudly shows all her physical "defects" - from a flabby belly to the presence of cellulite. She continued: "I know today could be the day when you decide to start your journey back to health and getting into shape. Perhaps you hve the goal to get the perfect body - especially after a weekend where you cut loose and overindulged yourself. And, in fairness, there is nothing wrong in working on yourself, but I am showing you these images to remind you that a woman who exercises regularly, eats well and follows a healthy lifestyle can still have a flabby belly, cellulite and stretch mark - and it is not always possible be as toned and as fit as some images we see online," she explained.

"So, next time you question your own self-esteem by viewing someone you idolize online, remember this: if we base our self-esteem on something as changeable as our bodies, we will forever remain at the mercy of obsessions and will be living in constant shame about our bodies when making these sort of comparisons".


The goal for Bree's initiative is none other than self-acceptance and awareness - awareness that it is possible to find beauty even in imperfections. "I hope these weekly doses of reality can help in this regard. The more we see normal women with normal bodies, the more realistic our expectations will be and so, hopefully, many of us will begin to accept each other."

This is a powerful message, and we hope it will change the minds of all those who are judgemental; or those who feel unfairly judged by others.