Mother organizes a party for her daughter:…
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Mother organizes a party for her daughter: she invites everyone except a classmate who always bullied her

June 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The priority of many people who decide to become parents is to give their child the best life imaginable. For this reason, they are close to them, give them advice, listen to them and try to protect them from any external "threats". It is not always possible to do all of this, and some children and young people are teased or bullied by classmates and friends. In such cases, how can one act to protect the children and ensure that poor behavior on the part of their peers is not repeated?

There are no definite and guaranteed answers - everyone finds the solution that they deem most appropriate - and this is exactly what the subject of this story did. This is a mother who had a problem with the behavior of one of her daughter's classmates, and so she took a little "revenge" against them. Let's find out more by reading the story:

via: Reddit

Telling her story on Reddit, this mom talked about her daughter and the surprise birthday party she and her husband were going to throw for her. The mother wrote in her post: "Since my daughter was to turn 6 in a few days, my husband and I organized a surprise party for her.  In order to keep it secret from her, at the end-of-year meeting organized by the school, I took the party invitations with me and secretly distributed them to all her invited classmates... except for one. "

You may be wondering: why was this classmate (a young girl) excluded? We will explain this to you immediately. The woman decided to act in this way, because of the child's bullying behavior towards her daughter.

"This little girl has been making fun of my daughter since the beginning of the year. She insults her, mocks some of her physical features and has never left her in peace. I do not intend to host someone who is likely to ruin the party. "

With this decision being made, and an invitation withheld, the woman was very much at peace with herself - at least until her daughter's teacher asked to speak to her in private. In short, the teacher expressed her disappointment that the woman had decided to exclude the little girl from attending her daughter's party.

The mother continued with her story: "I told the teacher that I would only relent if the little girl changed her attitude towards my daughter. So, it's a pity that, to date, the kid has not yet seen fit to change her behaviour towards my daughter and we have not even received an apology from the parents. It is sad and it hurts me to act in this way, but I have to protect my daughter and no one will be able to make me change my mind ".

The woman also admitted that she was familiar with the feelings that the excluded child was probably having. She too, as a child, had happened to find herself in a similar situation and had been excluded from a birthday party herself, but, on this occasion and for her child's protection, she did not feel able to act otherwise.


In agreement with her, her husband supported his and they stuck to their guns, leaving the little girl uninvited. But despite everything, this mother did feel some guilt about the situation and asked Reddit users for advice.

Many comments supported her position and many people stressed the importance of the role of the authorities / teachers  at schools. Whether big or small, bullying episodes must always be confronted and nipped in the bud. Awareness in this area is never a waste and every school, every teacher must talk about this issue - they need to make it clear how important it is, and why bullying behavior towards a classmate is completely unacceptable.

What do you think? Do you agree with this mom's decision? Or could she just have pretended nothing serious had happened?


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