Woman takes on a challenge and lifts…
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Woman takes on a challenge and lifts 120 kg, shocking all the men in the gym: "They thought I couldn't do it"

August 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In sport and, in general, in individual sports, it is not uncommon to see some healthy competition. It is difficult, however, to have men and women compete in the same category, due to the natural physical differences that set the sexes apart. Still, assuming that a woman can't lift the same weight as a man is an assumption that doesn't hold up in many cases. 26-year-old Alice Stamp, in fact, demonstrated to the men of her gym - and to many TikTok users - that she can lift a 120 kg weight, even though she is a woman. The video went viral, and Alice truly amazed everyone with her great strength.

The young woman is from Portsmouth, UK and is a dedicated sportswoman who trains four times a week, doing sessions of around two hours. Even though she is highly trained, almost none of her local gym-goers believed that she would be able to lift more than 120 kg; Alice, however, amazed everyone and her feat was filmed, along with the shocked reactions of all those present, and was later published to TikTok.

But how did this story start? One day, while Alice was in the gym, she heard a man say he was not able to pick up and move his weights. Jokingly, Alice said that she would lift and move them; the man did not believe that that Alice could lift these weights and Alice "took up the challenge", so to speak. Even though the young woman was not entirely sure she could do it - especially after not having lifted weights for some time - she was able to lift the 120 kg weights in one go. Not happy with just this, she then repeated the sequence several times, much to the amazement of all those present.

"I'm very competitive, especially when it comes to men," said the young woman. In the video, one of those present is clearly seen sitting on the floor, unable to hold back his expression of astonishment as Alice lifts the weights. Alice has stated that she has been lifting weights for three years now and claims that men who train as hard as she does are often much stronger than she is. But women who train frequently can often be much stronger than men that work out only occassionally.

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