This woman refuses to shave her mustache and pluck her eyebrows for every date and gets showered with insults -
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This woman refuses to shave her mustache…
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This woman refuses to shave her mustache and pluck her eyebrows for every date and gets showered with insults

February 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine being stared at on the street by prying eyes and insulted about your physical appearance, although you yourself believe that there is nothing wrong with the way you present yourself. Indeed, you are certain that that is the only true way to be yourself with others. Eldina Jaganjac, a young woman from Copenhagen, decided it was time to stop pandering to a patriarchal society that constantly continues to socially oppress women with expensive and superficial obligations such as those related to hair removal. The 31-year-old Danish woman, in fact, has chosen to say goodbye to tweezers and razors, offering a decidedly more natural look. The result? On social networks she is insulted and on the street people never stop pointing at her or calling her "monobrow".

Why are women "forced" to spend much more money and much more time than men looking after their image? To adapt to certain standards imposed by society, a woman must constantly go to the beautician, pluck or wax her eyebrows, remove her mustache and keep all the various regrowths under control. Not to mention hair, clothes and makeup - other categories in which a woman almost has an obligation to excel if she wants to be synonymous with beauty and be socially accepted. But is it really that necessary? Eldina Jaganjac stopped shaving in March of 2020 and, since then, she has received all sorts of responses regarding her appearance. In reality, according to the young woman, it is mostly adolescents - and therefore the younger generations - who insult her on her social networks; most adults are simply intrigued by her thick brows or the hair on her legs.

What is certain is that the young Dane refuses to comply with the "obligations" imposed by society and prefers to present herself in a natural way towards others. In this way, she has also better understood who among her friends, acquaintances or eligible suitors is really interested in her as a person. She doesn't mind being called a "mustachioed woman" or a "monobrow", because she now saves a lot of money and now uses the time it used to take to shave and fuss about looking perfect, to improve her professional skills.


Although we are allegedly living in a gender equal society, in fact, men and women do not enjoy the same opportunities and society continues to make distinctions, reserving critical levels of judgement on appearances mainly for women. Eldina's change began with these considerations: "If a man doesn't shave and doesn't pluck his eyebrows, nobody notices it and nobody would ever dream of commenting on such a thing. I, on the other hand, just like many other women, didn't feel comfortable going out unless my brows were smaller and perfectly shaped; I didn't go to the gym unless my legs were shaved."

This is precisely the problem: being conditioned to such an extent by the management of body hair, as to limit one's activities. Many women, for example, won't go to the beach if they have not managed to get their waxing done in time, thus losing a great opportunity to have fun and relax. Is it really worth it? Accepting yourself as you are could be the real key to happiness. It has to be a total acceptance, which underlines how important and absolutely natural diversity is. Eldina is happy today and she finally feels free from the sexist constraints to which she was previously subjected.

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