At less than 30, this woman has already has 6 children and is expecting twins -
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At less than 30, this woman has already…
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At less than 30, this woman has already has 6 children and is expecting twins

February 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When a couple form a family unit, they are expected to have one or more children sooner or later. Although today, giving birth to a human being is a choice that should be respected, there are cases in which some people might consider couples have chosen to have too many children, and in a rather short time. There are several women around the world who are famously fecund, but their stories certainly pale when faced with the story of Chloe Dunstan, an Australian influencer who, at the age of 27, managed to have 8 children in just under 10 years!

via: The Sun UK

The story of the growth of Chloe and her husband Rohan's family is incredible: not only were they parents of three beautiful boys, the two then had the strong desire to also have a girl. So, after getting pregnant for a fourth time, Chloe discovered something astounding after going for a checkup: not only was she expecting a girl, but another two other boys as well; Chloe was about to have triplets!

The situation, exciting as it was, was causing considerable problems: the baby girl in utero was not growing as expected, while the two boys were doing fine; Chloe and Rohan were faced with a terrible and courageous choice: undergo a Caesarean section that could have saved the life of the little girl but might jeopardized that of the other two babies and their mother, or sacrifice the life of the girl to save that of boys. The couple, however, had no doubts: the mother chose to undergo the delicate operation and luckily everything went as planned.

Now, Chloe and Rohan were parents to 6 children, including triplets, and their mother had just turned 22!


The Dunstan family now consisted of these beautiful children: Evan (8 years old), Otto (7 years old), Felix (6 years old), Rufus, Henry and Pearl (the triplets who are now all 4 years old); but to Chloe and Rohan it didn't seem enough: the couple longed for another child, despite the fact that after the cesarean section to save little Pearl's life, the mother had decided to be sterilized, having her fallopian tubes tied.

However, this process has now been successfully reversed, so much so that, incredible as it may sound, in November 2020 Chloe was pregnant again ... with a pair of twins!

In a photo shoot published on her official Instagram profile, Chloe announced she was expecting the twins by posing with her six children and holding the image of the miraculous ultrasound in her hand: "We are thrilled to share this extraordinary news with you. We will welcome two new little green beans to our family! We are so excited about this new chapter in our lives. Our hearts are so full!"

Simply put, Chloe managed to have 8 children at under the age of 30, an incredible record that not only left mom, dad and the entire Dunstan family dumbfounded, but which will blow the mind of anyone reading this story for the first time!

Best wishes for the new pregnancy, Chloe!



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