Man refuses to give up his seat on a…
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Man refuses to give up his seat on a plane to a woman with a baby: "I paid for the extra legroom"

June 08, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When traveling, one must travel comfortably or, at least, one must try to make the journey as comfortable as possible. To do this, it is necessary to plan the various stages of the trip a little in advance and, perhaps, pay a bit extra to get a good seat on a train or plane. Unfortunately, however, whenever you travel, you often come across rude people, who with their selfishness always try to upset the apple cart. A user on Reddit told posted about the experience he and his wife had aboard a scheduled flight from Europe to Asia. During this long, 10-hour journey, the couple faced the problem related to the seats they had chosen and booked.

via: Reddit

When buying a plane ticket, there is usually the possibility to pay a bit extra to get seats which you would prefer: there are those who prefer sitting at the window, or next to the corridor and, above all, those who would like to sit in the central part of the plane to be disturbed as little as possible by turbulence and hitting air pockets. Reddit user "Bratster22" and his wife had wisely booked a their seats in advance, in order to travel comfortably. For such a long journey, they had reserved seats with extra legroom; this type of seating was naturally reserved only for certain rows of the plane, and both had paid an extra fee to secure these seats. It is not surprising, then, that when asked by a woman holding a child to switch places, the man replied in the negative.
The woman in question was obviously another passenger who, unlike them, had not organized herself in advance and was now asking if the man could swap places with her husband. After all, how can you say no to a mother aboard a Boeing 787, with her crying son in her arms? Her husband was supposed to help her with the baby, so she wanted a seat next to him.

Although a stewardess also intervened to ask the man to change places, the man continued to refuse. After all, he had paid for extra legroom on a 10-hour flight - while swapping seats with the requesting passenger would have meant losing the opportunity to sit comfortably next to his wife throughout the flight. The woman had not organized herself properly: why should this now be his problem? The situation was finally resolved with the flight attendant managed to find two more free seats with extra legroom, and where the couple could sit and let the woman with the child have her husband next to them.


After this experience, however, the man wondered if his behavior had been selfish and asked his Reddit followers for their opinions. As it turns out, his followers mostly supported his actions.

What do you think about this and the man's behavior?

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