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Flight crew calls her "Mrs" and not "doctor": "If I had been a man, it wouldn't have happened"

Everyone should give and receive respect from and to others regardless of who they are and what work they do. No one should try to lord it over their fellow man by flaunting their innate or acquired…

Little girl is upset because she lost a baby tooth on a plane: the pilot writes a letter to the Tooth Fairy

Traveling is always a unique experience because, in addition to visiting new places, discovering the world and enriching one's cultural background, a new encounter with someone means meeting a stranger…

A multitude of travelers found themselves confronted by a mountain of lost suitcases and had to search for their own (+ VIDEO)

Airline travelers can understand the fear that most people feel about their luggage getting lost. Each traveler packs not only clothes, but also precious objects - perhaps a computer or other personal…

Mother prevents a passenger from reclining her seat during a 7-hour flight: a controversy breaks out

When traveling, you always look for the cheapest or most comfortable solution: one woman said she bought a seat on the plane with extra space, in the aisle position, to be able to recline her seat. Having…

Man refuses to give up his seat on a plane to a woman with a baby: "I paid for the extra legroom"

When traveling, one must travel comfortably or, at least, one must try to make the journey as comfortable as possible. To do this, it is necessary to plan the various stages of the trip a little in…

Exhausted parents entrust their two children to a stranger for the duration of their flight: 2 hours of tranquility

A woman told Reddit how a complete stranger "entrusted" her two children to her during a scheduled flight from New York. This seems absurd given the many warnings that adults personally give to children:…

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