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High altitude rudeness illustrated with 12 photos showing the worst side of airline passengers

Air travel, fears aside, for many can be wonderful experiences, while for others they are situations to try to forget. Quarrelsome and rude passengers or those who absolutely cannot give up their favorite…

A flight attendant recognizes the condition of a passenger and makes a gesture that does not go unnoticed!

Flight attendants are prepared to do their job with a focus on kindness to passengers, but what an employee of the US airline Delta did went far beyond the regular in-flight customer assistance service.…

Why do flight attendants welcome passengers with their hands behind their backs?

Whether you are a frequent visitor to airports, whether you have just traveled in an airplane a couple of times in your life, you will have noticed a curious detail about flight attendants. At the time…

Landing this 747 airplane meant trying to avoid hitting rooftops!

The Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong was built in 1925 and for a long time, it was a landing place where pilots really needed to know how to fly an airplane in order to land safely! To land a 747 airplane…

Expert pilot lands plane in extremely windy conditions! Bravo!

"..I'm always saying that an airline pilot gets his whole salary for one landing per month...this is the day I earned mine..." With these words, the pilot Artur Kielak introduces the video in which he…

Curious aircraft condensation effects!

When an airplane lands in the winter in a very cold country like Sweden, the hot air coming out of the huge aircraft engines undergoes a form of extreme condensation. This extreme condensation creates…

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