Mother prevents a passenger from reclining…
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Mother prevents a passenger from reclining her seat during a 7-hour flight: a controversy breaks out

June 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When traveling, you always look for the cheapest or most comfortable solution: one woman said she bought a seat on the plane with extra space, in the aisle position, to be able to recline her seat. Having back problems, it was essential for the woman to be able to relax a little, especially since the flight in question lasted the at least 7 hours. Despite having paid more, however, the woman found herself unable to recline the seat, as a mother was sitting behind her with a fairly large child in her arms. So what can one do in these cases? The woman asked for the opinion of her followers on social media (Mumsnet).

"The flight lasted about seven hours," explained the woman, referring to the incident that happened a few years earlier. "I paid extra for the aisle seat in economy, because I suffered from back pain. I paid a lot more for that seat - it's something I usually try to do, because I have back problems and it helps me a lot," she continued, explaining that the woman sitting behind her was holding a fairly grown up child in her arms, while the child's father was sitting next to her. At first she did not notice the presence of the child, but then she realized that she could not recline her seat as she wished, because of the child being in the way.

"Because of this, I was unable to recline my seat for the duration of the flight. I tried to recline it a little, gently, at some point, (and before I saw the child), but the woman got angry and cursed at me, so I put the seat back into an upright position," continued the woman.

During a 7 hour plane trip, and after paying extra, how unreasonable do you think it is for a passenger with back problems to recline their seat? Many users actually replied that they are not very comfortable when a passenger sitting in front of them reclines their seat: "I personally think it is unreasonable to recline the seat unless it is night, and I never would. But I respect others who think differently ".

Others, however, tried to offer alternative solutions: "The child could have sat on his dad's lap. Or, the woman, if she really wanted the extra space, should have paid for another seat."

What is your opinion?

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