Stay-at-home mom accused by her partner of "doing nothing all day": she posts a video showing her day full of chores -
Stay-at-home mom accused by her partner…
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Stay-at-home mom accused by her partner of "doing nothing all day": she posts a video showing her day full of chores

June 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Working from home is generally seen as a way to have more time available to be able to devote to things other than work - but this belief is absolutely false. Too often, housewives are accused doing nothing all day - almost as if taking care of the house is not recognized as a job. A mother wanted to record (on a video) what she does every day of the week. She videoed herself taking care of her kids and the home in order to show her partner (who had accused her of "doing nothing") exactly what she does daily.

To all those who still think that being a stay-at-home mom is easy, TikTok user "sierra_not_ciara" responded with a video about her tiring routine of cleaning and housework, in order to remind her partner that when a woman chooses not "to go to work" doesn't mean one doesn't work at all. How many of you know how tiring it can be to tidy up a house, wash clothes, prepare food and look after the children, every single day of one's life? Isn't it true that a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job?

Meal times and bath times are already two very demanding chores for a mother who has to do them alone, while her husband is at work. Moreover, there is always the need to tidy up the home, to dust and to vacuum.

The woman, Sierra, who is the subject of this video wanted to give a clear response to her partner who had accused her of "doing nothing all day while he was at work making money". Sierra clearly demonstrates that she doesn't even have a minute to sit down and have a leisurely lunch, as she has to hold her little son in her arms and she has a thousand other things to do all the time. This mother's day begins with preparing lunch for her children and ends with her tucking both of them into bed - a life clearly dedicated to the well-being of her children. Throughout the rest of the day, however, Sierra also washes the dishes, floors, sets up and prepares dinner - almost never having a moment of relaxation to enjoy.


Her partner, in all probability, comes home after 8 hours of work and can relax; she, on the other hand, cannot afford to stop, because it is her duty as a housewife, as well as a full-time mother. Unsurprisingly then, in another video, she urges the other mothers and housewives to take a real break: the world will not end if dirty dishes remain in the sink for a day (or overnight).

The question that Sierra wants to ask all those who still denegrate the role she, and many other women, play is: why should this commitment not be recognized as a real job? Why is it necessary to be dismissive of a housewife's efforts just because housewives don't get a salary and their working environment is the home?


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