Man's wife refuses to pack his suitcase…
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Man's wife refuses to pack his suitcase for a business trip and he misses his flight: "It's all your fault"

September 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Relationships are based on rules and compromises that both partners must respect. Communication and respect are at the heart of any lasting and functional relationship, so we shouldn't be surprised if certain negative things happen when one of the two partners "betrays" these rules. A woman vented on Reddit about her husband, who was unable to take responsibility and help himself, despite him being the main breadwinner in the relationship. The man was to pack his suitcase for a business trip, but instead of doing it, he chose to hang out with friends and play video games. Guess who he blamed for getting to the airport late and missing his flight? His wife, of course, who had refused to pack for him.

via: Reddit

This woman explained the story on Reddit: the husband was supposed to go on a business trip and, of course, he needed to pack his suitcase before leaving home (for two weeks). On the day of the trip, the man asked his wife if she would pack a suitcase for him. The woman, who was on her way out to do the laundry and had a thousand other things to do - including looking after their children - asked him why he hadn't packed his suitcase the night before. Her husband simply replied that he had been up late playing games on the computer the night before.

"I suggested he stay at home," wrote the woman, "to pack his suitcase and help me out until he had to leave. He didn't like my suggestion and said he missed his friends and wanted to visit them before leaving. He begged me to pack his luggage, but I told him no. Then he suddenly walked into the bedroom (I thought he was packing!), grabbed his phone, his keys, his jacket and rushed out. I continued with my day as planned."

When the man had not returned by 5pm, his wife began to worry about him - he did not have much time left to pack and leave. At 6pm the husband returned, but when he entered the bedroom and saw that his suitcase was still empty, he panicked and yelled at his wife for not packing his luggage. "He said he was counting on me to pack hiss bags," the woman said, "and he even sent me a message hoping I would do it. I didn't see the message and even if I did, I wouldn't have done it. I never agreed to do it, so he shouldn't have assumed I was going to pack for him. He got mad and started packing himself. His stuff was all over the place - so much so that he couldn't even find his ticket." The man tried to reach the airport in time but ended up missing his flight.

"After a while I got a call from him. He was angry and asked me if I was happy. I asked him what he meant and he said he had missed his flight ... as if I wanted this to happen. He came home and he started screaming at me, saying that I cost him a business deal ... now he would look unreliable and unprofessional and this could compromise his job ... all because I refused to do him a favor and pack his stupid bag. I replied that he shouldn't have gone out with his friends just a few hours before his flight, but he said he was convinced that I did it on purpose, out of spite, to make him miss his flight. I was shocked," stated the woman.

Most Reddit users supported the woman. What is your opinion?

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