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A mother and stepfather steal money…
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A mother and stepfather steal money from teenage son to buy a house: it was the inheritance from his deceased father

June 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The loss of a loved one is something that is never easy to deal with - even more so if you are a child and the family member who has passed is a parent. When you are young and one of your role models passes away, you have to find a way to move forward, and it certainly helps being able to count on the support of your loved ones.

In the case we are about to tell you, this was not the case. A 17-year-old young man lost his father and, in addition, had to face a very unpleasant situation related to his inheritance. We explain what happened in the story that follows:

via: Reddit

In a post published to Reddit, the young subject of this story tells his story and asks users for advice. The young man starts his story by stating: "For two months I have been on a collision course with my mother and my stepfather. The reason is linked to the inheritance I got from my father. He passed away two years ago and all his assets were passed to me, but I wouldn't get anything until I turned 18 years old. Then suddenly, a strange thing happened: my parents bought a new house - a house which was much bigger than the one we had previously lived in. "

Since money had always been sparse and doing anything involving expense was complicated, buying a new house made the young man suspicious and prompted him to ask for an explanation. After much evasion and several attempts to change the subject, the young man's mother was forced to admit a very unpleasant truth: she and her new partner had stolen part of the inheritance that the father had left to his son and had used it to buy the new home.

Disappointed and embittered, the boy went on a rampage. Not only had he lost his father, but he had also been deprived of what he was entitled to and which would have served to pay for his education. And added to this insult was yet another unpleasant episode that put the young man at even more odds with his stepfather and mother.

On a Friday night, after they all moved into the new home, the entire family of the mother's partner joined them and were going to spend the weekend there. The author of the post had not been informed of this until much later. On Monday morning, the young man went down to the kitchen to have breakfast before leaving the house for school. Here, he bumped into his stepfather who asked him why he was being selfish and had not made breakfast for everyone.

The young man replied: "I have to make everyone breakfast and risk being late and then, there you are, doing nothing and you can do it easily? Then he told me that I could not talk to him that way in his home, so I could not hold back and I lost my temper. I shouted at him that this was my house, since they had stolen my money, and I made sure all his visting family members could hear me. The result was that my mother got very mad at me and this really pisses me off. "

The young man's followers who read the post completely took his side and supported him. According to them, he did the right thing and they also advised him to contact a lawyer to examine the situation and get advice on how to proceed with this unfortunate situation.

What do you think? Is this young man in the right?

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