A dog reassures a newborn by bringing…
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A dog reassures a newborn by bringing her his favorite toy

August 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nick Elliott and his wife brought their baby daughter Macie home after she was released from the hospital in early July. At home they had to introduce her to another important member of the family, the dog Tommy, the mascot of the house.

A meeting that was not taken for granted and might not have a good outcome. On the contrary, it turned out to be the magnificent beginning of a great and loving relationship between the animal and the little girl. The dog not only greeted the baby with affection, but was filmed as he tries to calm her crying by bringing her his favorite teddy bear.

Tommy, the Elliott family dog, is a sweet and gentle animal by nature.

“It is an animal unfit to be a guard dog,” said Nick, “it wags its tail for everyone, demonstrating a cheerful trust in life that opens the heart. So we thought he would look after the soon-to-be-born baby with affection. However, we certainly did not expect this kind behavior!"

To be safe, however, before the meeting the couple placed Tommy on the sofa and then let him smell their clothes, and only later introduced him to little Macie.

"From that moment onwards, a true love was born." continued Nick "From the first moment the dog has never touched the child, yet he spends a lot of time next to her and seems to study her behavior carefully."

"During the first few days he made a sad little yelp when she cried, but now he's got used to all the new sounds and smells, so he doesn't blink. He comes regularly to check on her and wags his tail a little if everything's okay."


The most surprising thing was about to happen. One morning Tommy heard his "little sister" crying for her bottle and decided to do something to calm her down.
While Mom was in the kitchen preparing a new bottle of milk, the dog decided to comfort Macie by bringing her her favorite teddy bear. 

Pubblicato da Nick Elliott su Lunedì 26 luglio 2021

The Elliots, at first, didn't understand how the little girl had gotten hold of the teddy bear. Then they saw the recording made by the security camera that was set up in the room. 

“From the video you can clearly see Tommy” said Nick “bringing the toy to the baby and wagging his tail! In short, we have a babysitting dog that we can rely on for the care and well-being of our beautiful Macie. "

What a sweet dog!

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