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9 months monitoring the mother's belly…
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9 months monitoring the mother's belly and when the baby is born, their gentleness increases!

March 25, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Can dogs really understand if a woman is expecting a baby? The answer is --- probably yes!

Dogs with their keen sense of hearing and smell should be able to both hear the baby's movements inside the mother's belly (which starts around the 28th week of pregnancy) and also smell the change in hormone production that affects a pregnant woman.

Thanks to these skills, the moment of birth for dogs represents the moment in which they finally meet the little baby with whom, thanks to their highly developed senses, they have been in contact for nine months in a way that we humans could never be. 

In welcoming the little baby Jedi, the two Weimaraner dogs, Brego and Nami, showed a gentleness and sweetness that we are sure will conquer your heart too.

When little Jedi was still in his mother's belly, Brego and Nami were two ever-present guardians.

The dogs are surely lovers of cuddling and doing nothing, but also always ready to stay close to that belly from which they probably, could perceive a lot!


And when Jedi was finally born ... Nothing changed! The two dogs continued to play their role with the same commitment!

Each new experience of the child is followed carefully by the family dogs that, like many of their kind, always demonstrate that they have infinite patience.

Many of their days end like this ... (video).

This adorable trio has conquered hearts all over the world, and not only because of their sweet dispositions --- they can also be very funny! We invite you to find out more about their adventures by visiting the Instagram profile dedicated to them. 



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