A 6-year-old boy draws a map for the…
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A 6-year-old boy draws a map for the tooth mouse: "So you don't get lost and don't scare mom"

June 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

All children, at some point in their childhood, begin to lose their baby teeth. It is a physiological phenomenon, difficult to pin down to a very specific age, since some children lose their first tooth at 5 years of age, while others continue to keep all 20 milk teeth even up to 7 years of age. What is certain, however, is that everyone, sooner or later, has asked the tooth mouse to bring them a few coins in exchange for a tooth. Some people call her the "tooth fairy", but the meaning doesn't change: it's a story invented to alleviate the displeasure of children, who believe they will receive a small gift every time they lose a baby tooth. Santino, a 6-year-old Argentine child, decided to wait for the tooth mouse, but he didn't want to be caught unprepared: so he wrote a letter with very precise directions!

Santino couldn't leave his tooth "under the pillow", to await the arrival of the mouse, as he had lost it down the sink drain. This, however, certainly could not be a valid reason not to expect a visit from her. Santino then wrote a nice letter addressed to the infamous tooth mouse: "Dear mouse: goodnight, let me tell you, yesterday I lost another tooth. Since I wanted to clean it, it slipped and ended up down the drain of the sink. Could you look for it? And if you find it, will you leave me some money? Thank you." The letter, which would have been adorable by this point, isn't finished yet. The child, in fact, continued with a small request and a "detailed" map of the rooms in his house.

image: Viralistaa

"I'll leave you a map so you don't get lost. Please don't go into mum's room because she is very afraid of mice", - this is the sweet request from little Santino, impatient to receive a gift in exchange for his tooth, but also very attentive to the needs of his mother, who is terrified of mice. His letter and the map of his house won the hearts of many readers, who highlighted the innocence of the childr and the tenderness of his concern for his mother. The letter, among other things, was published by the Mexican graphologist Atzimba Prescott, who predicted a great future for little Santino, from her interpretation of his writing: he could become an architect and, certainly, a person with great skills of negotiation.

The post received so much appreciation, that several users wanted to give Santino a gift for his tooth.


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