A very polite little girl asks an airport…
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A very polite little girl asks an airport guard if she can go and hug her aunt who was boarding (+ VIDEO)

October 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Children are often able to surprise us with their affectionate, naive and totally honest gestures. It's mpossible to resist their spontaneity on certain occasions! An airport guard, in fact, did not have the courage to stop a very young girl who, very politely, asked him if she could run after her aunt who was about to board. The little girl wanted to hug her beloved aunt one more time, before letting her take her flight. The security officer at Hamad International Airport, in Qatar, gave the okay to the girl, who immediately rushed to chase after her aunt.

The scene was incredibly touching and someone - let's assume it was the child's parents - even managed to film the exciting exchange with the guard and the sincere hug between aunt and niece. The video appeared on Twitter and reached thousands of users, moving many people who viewed it.

it is evident that the little girl could not let her aunt leave without a last hug! However, the aunt was about to board the plane. - what to do in that case? The child asked the guard for permission to pass. In the video, the security guard listens carefully and responds positively, telling her that she is allowed to go and join her aunt. As soon as the little girl receives the answer, she sets off, accelerating her pace a little, to go and give her aunt another hug. What a scene!

We hope this video has moved you at least as much as it moved us! 

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