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A girl writes a message to her teacher:…
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A girl writes a message to her teacher: "There is a student who has no money to pay, I'll put it in for him"

October 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When everything seems to be falling apart and life seems more difficult than we can handle, think of our children, of the new generation of little ones who are experiencing some of the best moments of their life, that is, their childhood. This delicate period of growth is characterized not only by naivety towards life's difficulties, but also by an innate sense of solidarity, kindness and empathy towards others. A gift that this school teacher noticed, when she was pleasantly struck by a gesture from one of her little students ...

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Pubblicato da Taciana Ferreira M. Dos Santos su Venerdì 29 marzo 2019

Her name is Taciana Ferreira Martins, she is an elementary school teacher and has recently published an image on her Facebook profile of a truly emotional and moving note. The image is that of a message written by a little girl on a small piece of paper, and the author is one of Taciana's little students. As Taciana explained, she had organized a small collection in her class to make chocolate eggs for Easter; each of the pupils would contribute financially as they could, but there were probably those who could not afford to pay for the eggs. So, unexpectedly, one of her students wrote a message to the teacher, she gave it to her and when Taciana read it her heart melted with emotion:

"Today when I entered the classroom, a student of mine came to give me her parental contribution for the Easter eggs. When I unrolled the paper the money was wrapped in, I came across this note! How this moved me ...
I always say that I am blessed in being able to pursue my profession. Also, I am lucky enough to work with children. These pure, innocent beings who teach me more than I teach them!"

The message that the little girl had written to her teacher was as follows: "Hello teacher, these are my three Brazilian reals for Easter eggs, the other three are for another student who has no money to pay."

A really simple message that opened the heart of the elementary school teacher; those simple words convinced her that our children, our new generation, have a lot to teach us: kindness, empathy, compassion, all values that adults have increasingly forgotten over time.



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