It is never too early to learn this important life lesson! -
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It is never too early to learn this…
To eat or to sleep.....that is the question! And the answer? Dogged determination gets him the girl and a new life! :)

It is never too early to learn this important life lesson!

April 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

"If a man approaches and says to you - come on, let's go eat cookies - what do you say?", the mother asks her little daughter, and she replies, "That's  good, I like cookies!"

At this point, her mother tells her to answer by telling the person, no, you do not want any cookies, that he is a stranger, and has to go away at once.

Explaining to a child what to do if approached by a stranger is not easy! In any case, this mother's efforts and her cute little daughter's responses have transformed something quite serious into a hilarious dialogue! 

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