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A stray kitten shows up every day in…
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A stray kitten shows up every day in front of a girl's window asking to come in

September 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Have you ever heard that when we adopt a cat, it is not we who choose them but it is they who choose us? To hear people say this may seem really strange, but if you think about it, this is exactly what happened to a simple New York girl who, among millions of people, was "chosen" by a very sweet litte kitten, a red tabby, after having he presented himself several times outside her home in Brooklyn.

via: The Dodo

The kitten visited the girl every day, positioning himself on her window sill

Cats are somewhat particular animals and it takes some time for them to trust someone. Given the loving kindness shown by the girl, this sweet stray kitten realized that he could blindly trust her and, one day, after being injured by severely cutting his ear, he showed up for the umpteenth time on her window sill, but this time looking for help.

Given the condition of the cat, the girl immediately took him to Little Wanderers NYC, a voluntary association that takes care of cats in difficulty, in order to guarantee him the care he needed and, of course, also a complete check up. 


Despite being a stray cat, this cute red tabby (who was called Carlton), was surprisingly very docile with volunteers and was easily checked over. 

Unfortunately, from the checks carried out (in addition to discovering that Carlton was 5 years of age), it was also discovered that the cat was suffering from the feline immunodeficiency virus, which in the long run would have prevented him from living a normal life.

The beginning of a new life

Thanks to the spread of his story on social media, Carlton was taken to heart by Carianne, an educator from Staten Island, also in New York, who made herself available to give him a temporary home. Although initially a little wary of his new home, Carlton managed to settle in wonderfully after a few days: "It was easy to gain his trust because he really loves people."


Carlton's favorite place, in fact, is in the arms of his new life companions: he loves being in company and loves to be cuddled and kissed continuously, probably due to the years spent on the street.

Waiting to find a family of his own, today Carlton enjoys the flood of affection from those who have given him a temporary home; and now he can live with the certainty that he will no longer have to worry about finding safe shelter or fending for himself for the rest of his life.

A new life well deserved!

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