Stray cats meow at a drain and attract the attention of residents: there was an abandoned baby girl in there -
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Stray cats meow at a drain and attract…
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Stray cats meow at a drain and attract the attention of residents: there was an abandoned baby girl in there

December 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Abandoning one's own child is incredible, but we can never know what really motivates a mother to resort to this desperate act. Behind the abandonment of a child there can be a thousand reasons and an underlying desperation that should be understood rather than blamed. In any case, when you believe you cannot support a child, it would be better to resort to safe methods and leave it anonymously in the hands of nurses or authorities, but certainly not on the street or, worse still, in a sewer.

In Mumbai, India, a group of residents found a baby girl wrapped in a cloth, screaming loudly, in a drain. The residents had been alerted by a group of stray cats who were behaving strangely in the direction of the child and never stopped meowing.

via: News18

A few stray cats kept meowing suspiciously, all facing a particular drain. Passers-by became suspicious of seeing such a scene, just as if the cats were trying to get the attention of some human being. Indeed, on closer inspection, the residents realized that abandoned in the gutter was a baby girl wrapped in a cotton cloth, crying non-stop. The bunch of cats was really trying to communicate something then!

The Mumbai police were immediately notified, in the middle of the night, and some officers intervened on the spot to rescue the child. None of those present had lifted a finger, perhaps shocked by the event and afraid of compromising the investigation. The good news is that the baby is fine and, once fully recovered, she will be given up for adoption.


India is a country populated by 1.4 billion people, many of whom live in absolute poverty. No wonder there are families who cannot take care of a lnew baby. Moreover, in the more rural and less developed areas of the country, having a daughter means having a lot more expenses to worry about. Unfortunately, for this very reason, the abandonment and killing of girls is much more frequent in India; among other things, there is a law which prohibits pregnant women from knowing the sex of their child in advance, so as to avoid the practice of sex selective abortion, if the unborn child is female. A social scourge which, unfortunately, finds its solutions in illegality (clandestine abortion) or abandonment on the street.

What is certain is that this little bundle that the cats saved from the street is now well and in excellent health. We hope she can find a family to adopt her and give her all the love in the world.


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