An old man falls in the shower and remains…
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An old man falls in the shower and remains on the floor for 16 hours: the cat saves him by bringing him his cell phone

May 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The bond that is created between a pet and its human owner can reach heights of affection and mutual trust that rarely materializes between human beings. It doesn't matter if you have a dog or cat in the family, they will always be by your side to keep you company, to play with you, to rest and sleep next to you, and also to support you and help you in the most unexpected ways. Today we want to tell you the story of Fluffy the kitten and his elderly owner, saved by the courage and intelligence of his pet feline.

via: Fox 17

Ron Williams is an 84-year-old American veteran who lives alone in Sturgis, Michigan; he is no longer able to move as easily as he once did, so he gets around inside his house with a walking frame. Despite living alone, he is never really lonely: with him is his kitten Fluffy, with whom Ron has bonded in an extraordinary way. The old guy keeps company with the cat and the cat keeps company and supports its owner; both of them love each other very much.

One of the things Ron does with his kitty to feel less alone is to talk to him out loud, as if the feline were a human being capable of understanding every single word and responding in kind; the reality, however, is quite different, cats were not created by Mother Nature to have the gift of speech, but they have a sixth sense and a superfine intelligence that many of us underestimate; as Ron Williams had initially done ... 


When one day the elderly veteran was taking a shower in the bathroom, he suddenly slipped and fell tumbling to the ground; the cell phone was very far from his grasp and he didn't know who to ask for help; what Ron hadn't initially noticed was that Fluffy was also with him in the room; after 16 hours on the ground, completely blocked and unable to move, the man had a brilliant idea: he knew that the cat associated the word "ring" with hiscell phone, so he persistently attracted the attention of the feline towards his cell phone, which was far from his grasp, by screaming out loud over and over again: "It's ringing Fluffy!

Unexpectedly, the cat understood the situation and the needs of his distressed owner and literally brought the cell phone to Ron, who was finally, after 16 hours on the ground and completely immobilized, able to call 911 and be rescued by the paramedic team; but if Fluffy the cat hadn't been with him, how could he have survived? 

Now, Ron Williams is eternally indebted to his cat and his extraordinary intelligence: "I will never leave my cat again until the day I die. What would have happened to me if he wasn't in the room with me that day?"

Luckily, Ron Wlliams got away with only a few bruises, but nothing particularly serious: at his age, 84, it could have been much, much worse, and that the old man knew that very well!



Thanks Fluffy for everything you've done for your distressed master - he'll be grateful to you from here to eternity, rest assured!

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