A policeman accompanies a child who…
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A policeman accompanies a child who had missed the school bus: he didn't want to make him walk alone

May 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In an ideal world, no child should ever be late for school, no little student should ever miss the school bus and miss the first lesson bell; in an ideal world, if the little one misses the bus that he takes every morning to take him to the school, there should be mum and dad who immediately get him into the car and leave him in front of the school entrance gate. But the reality is different, and very often mothers and fathers go to work very early in the morning and cannot accompany their children to school ...

For this reason, the story that happened in Fountain, in the United States, and which promptly made the rounds of the web, warmed the hearts of every reader: a mother named Christina documented on Facebook with a photo she took of a very tender and very kind gesture by a local police officer towards a child who had missed the school trip.

That morning, the little one had to show up at school on time to gather with his class and go on a trip; unfortunately, the child had missed the school bus that takes him to school every day and drops him in front of the entrance gate. He had no choice but to walk alone so as to get to school on time and not miss the trip ...

Luckily police officer Klinge saw that little boy walking down the street alone at that time of the morning and decided to give him a ride to school, trying to get there in time for the school trip to start. Once they arrived at their destination, Klinge noticed that there was something wrong with the child: his shoe was untied, so he got out of the car, got down and tied his shoe, wishing him a good trip with his friends. Christina, one of the moms who was watching that touching scene, wrote on Facebook: "This morning I was waiting to follow my daughter's school bus as they were going on a field trip; my daughter is attending Sunrise Elementary. While I was waiting, this cop got stopped and got out of the car to help a little boy. I think he missed his bus and this cop picked him up, drove him to school, helped him out of the car, bent down to tie his shoes and then he went away. I had to capture this moment, especially with all the negativity that goes on about police officers. Isn't it surprising? I don't know the name of this officer, but I felt I had to share this so that the world could see that not all police officers are bad. "

Very good, Klinge agent!



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