This mother gave birth to "huge" twins: "sometimes, people say they don't believe they are mine because I'm too small"

Mark Bennett

December 18, 2022

This mother gave birth to

Children are special: whatever they do, whatever they look like, we cannot deny that they fill our hearts with joy. Of course, if the children have characteristics that make them truly unique, this can add to how special they actually are. The mother of twins, who is the subject of this story, knows something about this.

The twins have become very famous on the web due to their physical characteristics: they are much bigger than is usual for a baby. Seeing them in their mother's arms, in fact, they seem to be "extraordinary", even if they are not really. Let's find out about them:


Camila and Elena are the twin daughters of Alexis LaRue, 22, of St. Paul, Minnesota. The twins have become internet stars thanks to their beauty and the videos and photos which their mother has posted. In her posts, Alexis decided to share some moments from the twins day, but she never expected a flood of responses from users.

Many have become attached to the twins and religiously follow their antics online. What attracts the most attention is the physical size of the twins. As mom Alexis said, they weren't born much bigger than a normal baby. Their birth weights were 3 kilos - which is normal. But it is when seeing them in Alexis' arms, that the twins look really big.

"Sometimes people don't believe they're mine. They tell me it's impossible because I'm too small to have kids this size," Alexis said. In fact, Alexis only weighs 53 kilos and is 1.53 meters tall.

This is not the first case of babies growing up fast and weighing a lot at just a few months old. It certainly doesn't mean the twins are abnormal in any way whatsoever.


"I started making videos of my girls for fun. It was something I liked to do in my free time. I never expected there to be so much hype, or that my little ones would become so famous. I'm glad they our posts can make people smile every day," Alexis stated.

And what do you think: aren't these twins gorgeous?