Mom puts nail polish on the feet of her twin daughters: "I can't tell them apart"

Mark Bennett

April 18, 2022

Mom puts nail polish on the feet of her twin daughters:

Parenting is often a difficult task. And if fate wants babies to be twins, then the difficulties for the parents increase. We are not talking about difficulties in care, since every child has their needs and consequently a parent must ensure that they are met. What we are talking about is a problem regarding the main feature of twins: being identical. And it is from this feature, in many cases, that there arises a difficulty in recognizing one's own children (or, at least, who is who).

The mom we are about to tell you about knows something about this difficulty. In these cases of identification problems, one needs to get imaginative and invent something to recognize and distinguish between the identical infants. Let's find out how this mother solved her problem:

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Lacei Ramirez/TikTok

The woman at the heart of this story is Lacei Ramirez, a young woman who has recently become the mother of two beautiful twins. The birth of her children filled her heart with joy, but also created some problems for her. Lacei couldn't tell her two, identical daughters apart.

In a video posted on her TikTok page, this mom talks about how complicated it is to identify which one is and which. In the post she writes: "I didn't think twins could really be so identical. We ordered identifying anklets but until they arrive, we rely on painted toenails."

You read that right - the parents came up with the idea of painting the twins' toes with differently colored nail polishes. Only in this way, and for the first time, could they distinguish between them.

Lacei Ramirez/TikTok

In a very short time, Lacei's post quickly went viral on the web and got almost 1 million views. Obviously, with such a large number of followers who saw the video, it was soon followed by a flood of comments. Many of the people who commented were parents of twins and confessed to having used very similar techniques to recognize their children.

One mother stated: "I have kept the hospital bracelets for some time. Look for some identifying mark on their skin". Lacei responded to many of the comments, saying that it's nice to know that she is not the only one to have a similar difficulty. She went on to say that, since they were born, she has been trying to find a birthmark, a mole or another similar mark on the body to distinguish between the girls, but she can't find any. Then there are those comment posters who have stated that they are fascinated by the fact that there really exists in the world today, people who are identical to each other in all their physical features.

There were also stories from those who had experienced misidentification first hand. A woman and twin, in fact, wrote: "I am a twin and sometimes it happened that my mother fed me twice because she did not distinguish me from my sister, and she did not remember having already fed me".

In short, be it on the side of the twins, or on the side of the parents, it is not always easy to deal with two completely identical infants. Unintentional mix-ups are around the corner in this scenario and could easily confuse us. So, keep your eyes open and pay attention to small details!