"Our son prefers to play and dress in a feminine way: we gave him total freedom of choice"

Mark Bennett

August 09, 2022


Being accepted by one's family, friends and society in general is a dream for each of us. We are always attentive to how others see us; we try to be seen in a positive light and we strongly want to please others - this is the nature of things and, therefore, can be regarded as normal. But this is not the case for everyone, so, when this happens, it's a good thing to try to reach out to those who feel they have been rejected by society.

Proof of this was provided by the Scott family, in which mom Nikki and dad Graham accepted - without batting an eyelid - the desire of one of their male children to engage in so-called "girly" games and to wear girl's clothes. And when this behavior was described on social media platforms, it attracted a lot of negative and critical comments from readers. Here is the story:

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The Scott family is made up of five individuals, lives in Ontario, Canada, and they have become very famous on the web for allowing one of their children, who is male, to live like a girl. That's right, the little boy, only six years old, realized that it was not in his nature to behave like a boy and play with masculine things, but he much preferred toys, cartoons and books that typically are enjoyed by girls. On top of this, as Nikki stated, this child loves to varnish his nails and he likes women's dresses.

So, what did the parents do? They acceded to his requests and needs and let him express himself in whatever way he saw fit. As a result, he started growing his hair and asking to dress up in little girl's skirts and blouses. "Everything went well until he started school," said his mom. "The first grade was confusing to him. His classmates made fun of him and told him he wasn't a real girl," she said.

Th attitude was reflected on the web when the news of the child's behavior became public.

Many users, in fact, expressed themselves in very harsh terms, attacking the parents. They argued that Ella - this is the name given to the child ever since he declared that he does not feel like a boy - will have big problems because of his parents' lax approach and that he will not have a simple life. Someone even suggested the idea of contacting social services and requesting their intervention - but fortunately, this has not happenedand the Scots are still together, more united than ever.


Despite the accusations and negative response regarding the choice of the parents to support their child, the family also received support and goodwill from those understand their point of view. It is important to allow everyone - even if they are young - the freedom to do those things that make them feel good and happy. Nikki and Graham have done this and they never regretted doing so. They are happy and and Ella is living his - or should we say, her - best life.

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