Parents on a plane with their young son for the first time: they give the passengers an apology note in advance -
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Parents on a plane with their young…
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Parents on a plane with their young son for the first time: they give the passengers an apology note in advance

May 01, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Traveling with your children is not always easy. They have their needs - maybe they need to move around every now and then and they can't "control" themselves like an adult can. Of course, age and lack of experience are the reasons for this behavior, but we cannot blame the little ones for doing something which they are not even aware of. Their inability to remain calm and quiet for a long periods of time is something that is especially challenging if you are taking a trip on a plane with small children.

And if our child starts throwing uncontrollable temper tantrums, what might the other passengers think and say? In theory nothing, precisely for the reasons which we have just stated, but this is not always the case. And this is the reason why the parents we are about to tell you about, decided to act in advance. Let's find out what they came up with:

On a flight for the first time with their 10-month-old son, his two parents, fearing about how their infant would behave, took precautions and acted in advance as a preemptive measure. As posted on Twitter by a passenger on the same flight, the two distributed little packets containing sweets and a note to all the passengers.

"Hi! My name is Bruno and I am 10 months old. It is my first flight and I will try to be as good as possible, but if I feel irritable or my ears hurt and I cry, I apologize in advance. My parents have prepared this little package of sweets in case you have to endure an unscheduled, unwanted "concert" during the flight. I hope this will be helpful to make your journey more enjoyable. Thank you!". With these words, pretending to have been written by the child himself, the mother and father gave their message (or advanced notice) to their fellow travelling companions.

Indirectly, then, they had asked each of their fellow travellers to please be tolerant and not to be too angry if their little son played up during the flight. Many commented on the post and appluaded the actions of the parents. Others, while doing the same, stressed that the child's parents should not have felt obliged to do this. If a child throws a tantrum because he can't take a long plane ride, it's no one's fault.

You have to be tolerant in all situations - or at least in those that are understandable, like this one is. Sometimes the first ones to act up are the adults, let alone children and infants. So be careful not to be too judgemental.


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