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She found an abandoned kitten just 1 day old, adopted it and then it grew into a beautiful white cat

Imagine going home and finding a poor and defenseless kitten on the side of the road that meows continuously, looking for help and food. What would you do? Would you take it with you? Would you take it…

She leaves the cat home alone but then sees him "crying" on the surveillance camera

Cats are wonderful creatures, with often mysterious behavior. Unlike dogs, they are much more independent and hardly ever fall into that category of "clingy" animals. Still, there are plenty of examples…

Giant cats: 16 "bulky" felines who do not realize just how big they are

All lovers of our four-legged feline friends know that it is more comfortable to keep a medium-sized specimen at home; it's small and it's not too bulky, but there are some specimens in Nature, much rarer,…

This poor cat was encased in matted hair: the volunteers freed him of the burden

Nobody can escape forever the universal curse of the bad hair day, not even our four-legged friends. Today we want to tell you the story of a kitten named Hidey, who was found with about an extra two…

19 photos of cats that are so cute and tiny they should be considered "illegal"

"So adorable they should be considered illegal": that's how many viewers on the internet ironically define the most beautiful kittens around. In fact, these people are not wrong! Who wouldn't want to…

17 pet cats that do nothing but behave in a somewhat bizarre and "worrying" ways

Everyone who has a cat at home knows exactly what we are referring to; it will have happened to everyone, at least once, looking at your beloved feline and exclaiming: "What the hell is wrong with it?".…

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