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A stray kitten shows up every day in front of a girl's window asking to come in

Have you ever heard that when we adopt a cat, it is not we who choose them but it is they who choose us? To hear people say this may seem really strange, but if you think about it, this is exactly what…

8 orphaned hedgehog cubs refuse to eat, but then a mother cat arrives to save them

A baby animal absolutely needs it's mother during the first days and months of life, as without her they would feel lost and would hardly be able to overcome the first difficulties of life. At least this…

Every day a kitten went to greet him at the café: in the end she followed him home

A life in the company of a pet is definitely a life full of beautiful emotions, memories and loving gestures. A dog or a cat, for example, can become excellent friends, to be trusted for life and are…

Apregnant woman makes friends with a pregnant cat and they spend the last days of pregnancy together

Love for animals is a feeling with which one is born and it's difficult to mitigate it over time; despite the various vicissitudes of life, taking care of a dog, a cat, a bird or any other species in…

An old man falls in the shower and remains on the floor for 16 hours: the cat saves him by bringing him his cell phone

The bond that is created between a pet and its human owner can reach heights of affection and mutual trust that rarely materializes between human beings. It doesn't matter if you have a dog or cat in…

The daughter's cat alerts them that her father has cancer and refuses to leave him alone: "He knows he needs him"

Who said that cats cannot be affectionate and intuitive towards the feelings and moods of the people they care about most? While we have more concrete examples with dogs, cats are also able to amaze us…

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