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A woman cuts an old pair of jeans: what she creates is really clever!

The denim fabric, used in the manufacture of jeans, is very popular and appreciated worldwide for its strength and durability. Precisely for this reason when a pair of jeans is out of fashion or has worn…
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How to turn a T-shirt into a shoulder bag in TWO MINUTES -- and without sewing!

We all have a favorite T-shirt to which we are particularly attached that was maybe gifted to us on a special occasion or perhaps it was a souvenir from a fantastic trip that we fondly remember. So, when…

It's lunchtime for Japanese students: what they are taught to do is amazing!

Every day, all human beings eat, sleep, and talk to each other. But if you think that each of these actions is done in the same way around the world, you are wrong. There are so many different cultures…

Here's how they've transformed an old railway in England. ..amazing!

It's not hard to imagine, but when it comes to transport, Anglo-Saxon countries know what they are doing. Look how in the city of Cambridge a long abandoned railway has been transformed cleverly. The…

She starts by cutting an old shirt and what she creates in just 2 minutes is brilliant!

Among all the video tutorials, those of creative recycling are undoubtedly the most surprising ones, especially if, as in this case, they are almost too easy to do. If you have an old shirt but don't…
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He cuts a plastic bottle into strips: his recycling tip is AMAZING!

Recycling is always the best way to save money. That's why this guy shows you how old plastic bottles can be turned into your own broom. This is a great idea on how they can be recycled into something…
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