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Video Recycling

16 upcycled items that will make your garden or balcony unique

Upcycling is the watchword of our daily life, adopted as a solution to reduce the amount of waste and pollution caused by our current system of production and yet upcycling can have not only positive practical applications…

16 original do-it-yourself ideas with plastic bottles that will come in handy all year round

The more the hours of sunshine in a day increase, the more we feel energetic and desire to be active. If we are people who like to try their hand at do-it-yourself projects, then the arrival of spring…

13 ideas to upcycle broken objects and give them a second chance

Producing trash is very simple. In fact, every hour every person in the world produces a certain amount of trash, but it could be just as easily disposed of if we were all aware of certain techniques.…

Do not throw away old towels! Here are 15 useful ways to upcycle them!

Towels are the kind of product with which it would be better not to be too economical if you want to have good fabrics, that last longer, and do their work well! For this reason, when they become worn,…
DIY Ideas Recycling

10 beautiful DIY projects to upcycle old and used men's shirts

Men's shirts are one of those garments that more quickly succumb to wear and tear, and therefore end up in the garbage can. If you are always looking for a way to recycle or upcycle what you would normally…
DIY Ideas Recycling

Plastic crates can be reused in many ways --- Here are 14 original ideas!

To transport and package our consumer goods, we produce tons of plastic waste every year, most of which are not managed by an effective disposal program (not yet, at least). For this reason, besides strongly…

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