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Video Of Handycrafts

Here is how to recycle an old shirt ingeniously and WITHOUT SEWING!

We all happen to have some articles of clothing in the closet that we no longer use but we just cannot decide to throw away. Sometimes the reason is related to a memory that we associate with that article…

Old belts?! --- Wait Do not throw them away!

Do you have one or more belts you thought could be matched with almost any outfit and instead have remained hanging in your closet; and now you are thinking about getting rid of them? Wait! Here is a solution…

A delightful idea to upcycle old CD jewel cases in an original way!

Do you want to give an original gift, maybe a DIY (do-it-yourself), but you cannot think of anything that you can complete quickly? Here is a brilliant idea that you must at least take into consideration!…

Upcycle your leggings into a great top!

Leggings are a very versatile type of pants that are suitable for sports activities but they have also become a popular fashion trend! There are leggings available in every color and material, and it…

Clever ideas to upcycle your flip-flops!

In summer the shoes that you wear the most are flip-flops because they are comfortable, light, and versatile. They can be worn with sports apparel or more elegant attire, their simplicity it always appropriate! …

DIY Wooden Pallet Horizontal Planter

Would you like to create a space where you can cultivate kitchen herbs, but you think you do not have enough space? With this solution, you really only need a few inches to have fresh basil, mint, sage…

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