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This is what happens when a father dedicates a lot of time to his son !

This super child has surprising abilities: when the father asks him to give him a specific peace of paper by reading the word on it, the baby finds it with no hesitation and even repeating the same word.…

Will this be a brilliant idea or a complete disaster!? Check this out!

It could be a brilliant idea or a complete disaster: surely these guys aren't lacking imagination...!

With a BRILLIANT trick, this math teacher will make you cry laughing !

The awesome professor you see in the video is Matthew Weathers, he teaches maths and computer science at Biola University in California, and every year, on the first of April he usually organizes a prank…
Genius Jokes Wtf

A marble rolls down a maze of blocks --- You will not believe what you see!

What is magic for you? For us, it is something absolutely amazing and original, without necessarily introducing any deceptions or illusions. Consequently, for us, magic is also what a YouTuber called…

When urban vandalism becomes clever and cool ...

Potholes on the streets, light poles leaning or that have fallen down, entire neighborhoods without an iota of vitality ... Often waiting for some intervention from city authorities to eliminate or…
Art City Genius Street art

Inventions that improve the quality of life! Hurrah!

If you have seen the film entitled "Joy" (2015) inspired by the story of a woman who invented a special mop to clean floors, you have a clear idea how much even a small but sensible and practical invention…

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