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13 clever gadgets created to make life…
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13 clever gadgets created to make life much simpler!

May 23, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Creativity and ingenuity make humans special beings! You do not have to be Einstein to recognize the truth in this statement!

Every day, in fact, in every part of the world someone similar to us imagines and gives shape to a small but great idea - conceived intentionally to simplify everyday life, whether it be ours or that of our feathered friend!

Below, we propose some of these clever little inventions, so you can know about them even if you cannot find them on the shelves of your favorite stores!

1. A trolley with built-in calculator, for a more cost-conscious shopping

2. A light bulb shaped like a credit card

image: amazon

3. A synthesis between the tape measure and the belt, useful for those who are dieting!

image: ebay

4. An "office box" at the airport, to take advantage of every long wait!

image: reddit.com

5. A special lock for those who cannot stay away from Nutella!


6. A device to better protect the privacy of your phone calls

image: gethushme

7. No more crumbs on the floor! - instead they fall into a bird feeder!

image: Curro Claret

8. A dressing room with clothes hooks labeled according to choice!

image: unknown/imgur

9. A hygienic electronic toilet seat that you probably have already encountered in some public restrooms.


10. A brilliant device to wake up not only with the radio but also with the aroma of coffee!

image: barisieur

11. Traffic lights with a stopwatch to avoid fines and not only!

image: Xited/reddit

12. A practical spaghetti-measuring device on the back of the packaging!

13. No more painful bumping into the edges of furniture with these LED slippers ...


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