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20 useful and brilliant ideas that you…
When boredom makes you creative! In fact, these 15 works of art were born from being bored to death! These 23 images prove that in the world ANYTHING is possible!

20 useful and brilliant ideas that you would like to see spread everywhere

January 07, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes it takes very little to stand out from the crowd! In fact, in the case of businesspeople, it is enough to offer a useful service to their customers that all the businesses are not offering, to jump to the top of their category.

In this article, we have collected for you some really brilliant ideas, services, and initiatives that would make life much easier and sometimes even fun.

Which one would you like to see adopted by everyone?

This bar offers a free coffee to anyone who fills a bucket with litter collected from a nearby beach. This is an excellent initiative to keep their beach clean!

The purpose of each ingredient is shown on the back of this tube of toothpaste. We would like to see such labels on every product!


This kitchen spatula has a ring on the handle that serves to keep the spatula from dirtying the surface on which it is placed.

In this city, at the completion of each public work, a sign is posted that shows the total expenditure with respect to the budget and the delivery time compared to the estimated one.

In this hotel, part of the mirror is heated so that it does not fog up when the customer takes a shower.


The cap on this pill bottle automatically registers the time of its last opening. In this way, you will know if a pill has been taken or not.

image: CptnBo/reddit

In Australia, on the monotonous roads, where there have been numerous accidents caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel, they have installed signs with riddles and trivia quizzes to help drivers stay alert and awake!


Along the corridor of this hotel, they have installed a button a few feet from the elevator, to keep the doors open for the time necessary to reach it.

At this airport, there is a machine that prints stories to read that allows the length and time to be set. A great way to use your time while waiting for your flight!


This shirt has a special cloth to clean eyeglasses sewed inside!

In this store, the shopping baskets are of two different colors, depending on whether you want to be helped by a sales assistant or not. In this way, customers will not be constantly harassed by the question "Need a hand?".

image: hand_/reddit

In this newspaper, they have inserted colored sheets to be used as gift wrap.

In this elevator, a warning light indicates the occupied capacity compared to the maximum one.

image: imgur.com

The room numbers in this hotel are created by a shadow.

image: cdvsom/reddit

This hotel offers a list of things not to leave or forget in the room before departing, including "stealing the hotel toiletries"!

This library, for each returned book, issues a receipt on which is noted the amount that the user would have spent if the books borrowed had been purchased.

image: imgur.com

In Japan, the manholes are decorated with beautiful traditional motifs.

In this hotel, the bathtub is below the floor level, to allow easy entry and exit.

On the ceiling, this dentist has installed the poster "Find Waldo" to distract his patients.

image: imgur.com

On the bank of this lake, there is a sign installed on which are listed all the reasons why you should not feed bread to the ducks that live there.

image: imgur.com
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