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24 people for whom the day definitely…
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24 people for whom the day definitely started in the worst way

January 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you are complaining about how much your day has started on the wrong foot, maybe you will feel a bit better when you hear that there are people who have experienced a day that was much, much worse than yours.

Imagine walking to work and being hit by a ton of dirty water caused by a bus and a puddle, or falling into your neighbor's cactus bed!?

Now, those would be some valid reasons to call it a very bad as well as unlucky day!

1. Someone this morning must have taken a shower twice.

2. Poor teacher! And she just wanted to photocopy some worksheets for her students!


3. You wake up and find the kitchen like this! Yes, today is definitely not a good day.

4. "Can someone come pull me out of here?"

5. Now you see why it is a bad idea to take them out for a walk together.


6. Goodbye oven door --- goodbye dinner!

7. Now try to use this spray ... to kill this enormous spider!


8. A "bad day" is when you forget to remove the gas pump at the gas station.

9. Someone will be mistaken for a nudist!


10. Great job!

11. It will be a bit of a problem to have a snack today ...

12. Some spent all their coins in the vending machine without being able to get anything.

12. When your horse wants to imitate your cat!

13. Terrible. A terrible story ...

14. Poor goose!

15. Who has the most disappointed face?

16. This takes the cake.

17. Office pranks among colleagues.

19. "My nephew went dressed as a hamburger to his school party."

20. "When you go around the world to see the Taj Mahal but on that day you find a thick fog."

21. A "thorny" day!

22. The first rugby lesson ... and the last.

23. Someone here will have to wait quite a while before they can take their car.

24. Mystery spontaneous combustion? It happens once in a million.

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