18 children who surprised their parents…
16 people who invented something brilliant without intending to ... These absurd cooking failures will make you feel like a chef!

18 children who surprised their parents with some brilliant ideas

February 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Encouraged and left free to do what they want, children can display all their talent when it comes to inventions, especially those that allow them to achieve a specific goal! 

These delightful pictures of inventions that spring from their clever minds will make you realize once more how wrong it is to underestimate their ingenuity! 

As a matter of fact, consulting them when you have a problem to solve would not be a bad idea at all!

How to create your own movie theater with what you have.

image: thedrummist

You modify, you experiment, maybe you fail but trying to find a solution --- is not for everyone!


LEGOs always come in handy!

Mission comfort --- accomplished!

image: arvzg

It is important to stay hydrated while playing video games!

image: imawesome667

Little Natalie shows you how to amplify the volume of your smartphone in a few simple steps!

Children are so brilliant that sometimes they do not even need tools and materials!


This kid is a genius!

He keeps you updated on the ranking in the car race with this personalized method!

image: jdinmd

Well, something has to be done with all those cards that you have been collecting, right?!

image: Nik4711

A useful invention for when the allergy season starts!

Watching "Mary Poppins" would make anyone want to build a kite!

image: audsquad

Bunk bed? Great! You can watch videos like this!

A cap, a smartphone, and pieces from a photo frame --- he organized this all by himself!

image: mecinna

If a cup is wide then a teaspoon can slide down and be lost but ... not if you do this!

My son wanted to give me some kind of birthday present --- here is his idea of a ​​cake!

A pencil holder that does not let your pencil roll away? Sometimes it takes very little!

image: ver247

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