20 photos to which it is impossible…
An economical house that can be built in a few hours? It exists and is produced by an Italian company This unusual pair of friends take incredible trips together and enchant us with their photos!

20 photos to which it is impossible to attribute a logical explanation

December 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When Nature or a human being carries out an action, it is assumed that there is a plausible and valid reason for that particular activity to be performed ... and instead, there is not always a motivation or a ready explanation for unusual behavior. 

We have taken from the Internet and grouped for you a series of photographs that have nothing logical about them, but instead, display humans and animals behaving in ways that are very ambiguous, and sometimes sinister, for no apparent reason.

Perhaps, it is just that the reason or motivation is well hidden?  We believe that they are simply nonsensical images but we leave to you the final decision ...

A monstrous pineapple

An accident, but ... there were two of them driving! Really?!

image: life1/pikabu

When the reality of facts is not enough!

Now, the question is .... why ?!

A group of frogs that sends a chill down your spine ...


A double catch!

image: izismile

A tanned dog? ... but it's a shame about the tan lines left by the harness collar!


And instead here is someone who will never get a tan if they keep this up!

image: mylaowai.com

They never throw away their car deodorizer!? But why?


Just taking a walk like so many other people do ...

A simply absurd car model ...

A small and unusual knight

Talk about literally ... climbing the walls!

image: life1/pikabu

A really disturbing and spooky McDonald's

A bus stop shelter populated by spirits!

Agreed ... that the grass can grow almost anywhere, but this is too much!

Coca-cola ... frozen!

Putting up Christmas decorations ... way up!

A selfie ... with a selfie stick!?

image: blank1/imgur

And here's the "queen" of all photos! Whoever is able to decipher the intrinsic meaning of this photo is, in our opinion, a genius!

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