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30 images of animals that would soften…
22 cases of people who have definitely had a bad day! 22 images of animals that have decided to stay close to their owner's even without their permission!

30 images of animals that would soften anyone's heart ...

December 06, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We all know that often animals somehow manage to instill joy and serenity in humans.

Not only can they be good company, helping to fight feelings of loneliness and abandonment, and lifting morale when someone really needs it, but animals can also enjoy the great care and affection that human beings dedicate to them.

The photos we have chosen for you show animals of different species and size that are simply enjoying themselves as they radiate pure harmony and goodwill towards everything and everyone around them.

Taking a bath ...

Tender feelings and cuddling with a friend


After dinner happiness!

Close Encounters ... tender kisses!

Belly laughs ... With a donkey!


The expression on this cat's face says of lot

Taking a rest with the farmer ...


"Hey! Don't stray too far away with my baby puppy!"

The dog that smiles the most on Earth


An incomparable selfie

Sleeping belly up in the air is a sign of happiness!

Pay close attention!

This cat has been anxiously waiting for the arrival of the baby!

Completely disguised!

Relaxing ... how wonderful!

Avid readers!

"Despite adversity, find the courage to smile at life!"

Play and have fun anytime, anywhere!

A smile that says: "I make you happy, human" ...

"A wink never hurts!"

image: imgur.com

All ready for the trip!

Morning stalking

A candlelight dinner for an unusual duo!

Cuddling between neighbors

Feeling like part of the family and demonstrating it

All together passionately

"And even when it comes to helping out, never back down!"

Mom and her son are inseparable!

And finally ... a special look and smile that you cannot forget!

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