16 unforgettable-looking animals that…
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16 unforgettable-looking animals that don't seem to be having their best day

March 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

All of us, in life, have experienced days which we would like to more or less forget, in which misfortunes and little incidents have thrown us a curve ball. The so-called "bad" day can happen to anyone - you just have to hope it will pass quickly! Even in the animal world we like to think that our four-legged friends, and creatures of many differerent species, can in a certain sense experience the same sensations. We humans are able to reproduce hundreds of different facial expressions, a faculty that animals lack, but when we observe them in certain bizarre situations we cannot help but laugh at their unusual expressiveness. They can also wreak havoc in the house, perhaps in our absence, but all the frustration of seeing that broken vase or glass vanishes every time we look at them. In these photos we have collected the almost human expressions of those animals who seem to have started the day on the wrong foot!

1. The blinding sun, the leash, the grass ... today is a disaster!

2. Oops!

image: Pinterest

3. The day started like this for Charlie

4. "I took him to be groomed and this is the result ..."

When you take your dog to be groomed, you should always turn to trusted professionals. You risk going to pick up the dog and finding yourself face with something that doesn't look like your dog at all! In defense of the groomers, it must be said that owners have to take responsibility for regularly brushing their pets, otherwise there is a risk of creating matted clumps which are impossible to brush out. 

5. How cute!


6. "What did you say?"

image: imgur

7. Every day like this!


8. "Oh no, I've lost my voice..."

9. He didn't see the glass...

image: Imgur

This otter's day didn't start in the best way! 


10. Move it!

11. "Excuse me, he's always like this in front of photographers ..."

12. The cat: "Don't worry, I'm fine ... I'm fine ..."

 Who said cats and dogs don't get along? Look at these two: don't they seem perfectly in harmony under the same roof?

13. "The more I look at him, the more I love him ..."

14. Employee of the month

Smart working has proved to be an excellent alternative for many companies around the world, especially during the Covid-19 emergency, and it certainly has its merits. Like all things, however, it also has drawbacks, for example the home environment is not always the best place to be able to do your job. Either way, this user's cat definitely needs a break! 

15. A picture of tiredness

16. He's also exhausted

Have you ever managed to catch your animal friends in some strange position or with ridiculous expressions like these? Let us know in the comments!

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